We make live events

Allstar Crew is a crew of dedicated professionals who specialize in live music events. They can help you with every step of your event from the planning stages to building staging, and supplying and installing sound and lighting equipment. With their incredible eyes for detail and high standards, they make sure that no area is overlooked – providing quality sound and lights for your audience that will truly bring your vision for the event alive.


We build stages that engage an audience

A night at the theatre takes the audience on a magical journey, and Allstar Crew is here to help you make that happen! Theatre becomes even more immersive with sets transported from real life to the stage. We go beyond the basics – our props, staging, and scenery bring the beauty of theatre onto the stage in vivid colour and detail. Plus, we have all your tech equipment needs covered with sound and lighting provided by Allstar Crew to set the scene perfectly. Theatre never looked so good!

TV & Films

From building sets to creating spaces for your crew

Allstar Crew have been at the very heart of some of the UK’s most important TV and Film productions in recent years. We have had the privilege of working on several major TV events, film sets along with some of the country’s largest studios like Leavesden & Pinewood, that are both well-known names within TV and film production.

During our time there, we have proved to be experts in building any kind of set or marquee requirements which is something that we are very proud of, and continue to strive to provide all our clients with an efficient and exemplary service.


Our marquees crew provide a helping hand for your event

Allstar Crew builds structures such as marquees and offer a great solution for events or TV and film productions. Setting up bespoke sets both indoors and outdoors, our team provide customised spaces to suit whatever brief you have in mind.

Whether it’s creating a guest studio for TV interviews or building elaborate temporary structures for external productions, Allstar Crew’s knowledgeable technicians will provide the utmost professional service.